What we do

To ensure human rights and freedom for persons with disabilities, Miral Welfare Foundation provides community based rehabilitation such as special education, livelihood, vocational training, etc.
Also, Miral supports professional welfare services such as home care service and vocational training for vulnerable groups.

  • Education Support for
    children with disabilities
    137 Persons
  • Vocational Rehabilitation for
    Persons with Disabilities
    1973 Persons
  • Livelihood Support for
    Persons with Disabilities
    465 Persons
  • Capacity Building for
    Persons with Disability
    422 Persons

2019 Miral Yearly Report

Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities

Reality of persons with disabilities in Developing Countries

  • Increased disability population

    The number of persons with disabilities is increasing caused by malnutrition, absence of medical services, HIV/AIDS, military conflict, various kinds of accident, aging, etc.

  • Of the 600 million people, 100 million persons with disabilities

    Approximately 100 million persons with disabilities are among the 600 million most vulnerable people targeted by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Only 2% accessible to basic services

    Only 2% of persons with disabilities have an access to basic medical and education services.

  • 80% of the persons with disabilities unemployed

    80% of persons with disabilities are unemployed.

Our goals for Persons with Disabilities

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    To provide livelihood, self-reliance, protection, and special education with inclusive development perspectives.

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    To ensure basic human rights and freedom for persons with disabilities under the guidelines of UNCRPD.

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    To promote CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) which aims to encourage the active participation for persons with disabilities and have ownership in the process of development.

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    To support alcohol addicts to get professional treatment and restore healthy life, and become self-reliant preparing bright future.

Main Programs

  • Livelihood Support Food, Daily Necessities, House Repairs
  • Basic Rehabilitation Language Therapy, Group Play Program, Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Educational Rehabilitation Eradication of Illiteracy, Special Education, Inclusive Education
  • Medical Rehabilitation Medical Service, Prosthetic Appliance Support, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Skill Training, Communal Workshop Operation, Communal Farming Operation, Support Business start-up
  • Socio-psychological Rehabilitation Music Therapy, Psychomotor Therapy, Persons With Severe Disabilities Protection, Recognition Improvement of Persons With Disabilities

Where we work

Nepal, Malawi, Liberia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Kenya, Philippines