Child Sponsorship

Children Sponsorship

With 1:1 sponsorship, Miral Welfare Foundation provides continuous management of children in developing countries. We support education, nutrition, medical services, and socio-emotional services through helping children to acknowledge their own rights and grow healthy.

  • Children Sponsorship


2019 Miral Yearly Report

Our goals for Children Sponsorship

  • 유엔아동권리협약

    To support holistic child development through 1:1 sponsorship

  • 모두를 위한 교육

    To support intellectual areas by providing text books, school supplies, school uniforms, books, teacher salaries, and after school programs

  • 빈곤아동들에게 전인교육

    To support physical areas by providing school feeding, snacks, physical examination, vitamin, anthelmintic, and medical expenses.

  • 질적 성장

    To support socio-emotional areas by providing art and physical education, camp, field education, and parental education.

Main Programs

  • Education Support
  • Living Support
  • Medical Support
  • School Feeding Support

Where we work

Nepal, Uganda, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Philippine, Kenya

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